Monday, August 1, 2011

Monthly Check In #1

Measuring TapeAt my husband's urging, we took a few body measurements last month to give ourselves a frame of reference for our decreasing selves. I wasn't terribly excited at the prospect. Did I really want to know just how many inches wrap around my waist? Now that we've done it again, though, I can see that it's nice to have some additional metrics to compare beyond a general, "Well, gee, I think these pants feel looser than they used to ..."

Since it's my blog, I'll go ahead and share some highlights of the progress I've made this month:
  • I lost ½" from my waist
  • I also lost ½" from my hips
  • I shed approximately 20 lbs (no exact figure as we just bought a scale today)
  • My body fat percentage dropped by 1%
  • My BMI went down approximately 3 points (ditto the scale thing)

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